Update: 9/21/23

Feel the sand beneath your feet! Sure, it’s still a rectangle. But these organically sloping walls and natural-looking steps look to us like Mother Nature made it herself. We’re getting really close to completion, and we want to thank Christian’s Contracting of St. Joseph, Missouri, on a job well done!

Update 9/19/23

While the surface is beginning to take shape, we’re adding the expansion joints. They’re very much like little rivers of pebbles. On this project, we’re using the Bottacino pebble variety.

UPDATE 9/13/23:

With the plumbing and “landing strip” completed, we’re now able to stretch plastic reinforcement mesh and begin applying the surface. We’re getting close!

UPDATE 9/12/23:

We’ve invented a new shape! Its called “The Biodesign Rectangle!” Not so rectangle-y now is it? Plumbing is being run over the liner as we prepare to surface… Stay tuned, this is going to be a beauty!

UPDATE 9/11/23:

Here’s a little more background on this project: – It seems some unscrupulous, so-called “pool installers” planned to install a rectangle in-ground pool. They broke a cardinal rule of pool installation by completing the patio and stonework “first”, before actually starting the pool.

Needless to say, the installer made a hasty exit from the project and St. Joseph’s Christian Contracting took over with Biodesign USA on this inaugural install. The decision was made to leave the pool in a rectangle shape while making an entirely new Biodesign creation. Here’s some photos of the progress from this weekend:


The Biodesign USA team is coming to St. Joseph, Missouri, on Friday, September 8th, to start the build of an uncharacteristically “angular” design. – Yes. It’s a rectangle. We’re all about mixing things up and trying new things. That’s why we’re working with newly certified local installers, Christian’s Contracting of St. Joseph, MO, on this very different design.

“It’s so basic, it’s actually quite radical,” says National Sales Director Francis Leogrande. “On three sides, we have forty-five-degree slopes, and at the entrance, we have thirteen-degree descent with steps to the 6’6″ maximum depth. It really says a lot about what you can do with a Biodesign Pool. It’s all up to the customer’s imagination and the installer’s capability.”

Here’s the technical drawings:

If you’re a customer interested in talking about your next backyard creation or an installer intersted in discussing opportunities as a Biodesign Certified Installer, get in touch with Fran Leogrande at: francis@biodesignusa.com.

More info:

Currently, independent pool installation companies across the U.S. are opening new areas of business with the unique and exclusive aspects of the Biodesign sculpted swimming pool product. Working with Biodesign USA, these companies are trained in the marketing, planning and designing, and construction of these revolutionary pools. And with the exclusive supply chain of Biodesign proprietary materials, training, and support, these companies are making waves in their regional areas with a product and service you won’t find anywhere else.

“From the very first Biodesign pools we delivered to our customers, we knew this was a product and service many of our fellow pool installers would want to offer in their areas of business. It’s a winner in every respect – from aesthetic and design potential to practical concerns like installation time and environmental quality. It’s a tried and true product and we’re having a great time sharing it with other companies,” says Bob Drucker, Biodesign USA proprietor.

Biodesign USA National Accounts Manager Francis Leogrande is traveling to job sites, personally conducting trainings and supporting new projects.  “I’m making trips around the country to personally visit some of our partner’s Biodesign projects. We’re helping with the planning, installation training, and making sure they’re getting the right materials at the right time to finish their projects as quickly as possible with the utmost quality assured to the customer.”

In St. Jospeph, Biodesign USA hopes to demonstrate to as many pool installers as possible the proven success of this unique service. The Biodesign USA team is also starting a local marketing assistance program to help installers get quality and timely product information to potential customers. The program now includes a local version of the Biodesign website, tailored to the local area and equipped with the information needed to inform and pique the interest of potential customers.

What is a Biodesign Pool?

A Biodesign Beach Sculpted Pool is crafted with beach entries, customized seating areas, and swimming zones – all personalized to your swimming needs. The Biodesign swimming pool is meant to immerse you in your surrounding environment. The illusion of a truly beautiful beach can be created and extended onto the patio area, creating one seamless shore environment.

This can be especially useful where impervious materials are restricted. We can create patios with porous materials that are exempt from impervious material limitations.

About Biodesign USA

Biodesign USA was founded by leaders in the swimming pool industry. With over 40 years of swimming pool building experience and 2000+ projects, Biodesign USA can help with the smallest project to the most complex commercial venture. With multiple international/national awards, our design and technical teams can take your project to the next level. Let us help you create a beach paradise in your backyard!

Biodesign pools are protected by multiple international patents, there is nothing else like it available in the swimming pool market.

Proud members of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance and Northeast Spa and Pool Association.

For more information on how to attend this event, contact Francis Leogrande  at francis@biodesignusa.com or call (631)-753-0004.


Many years of research and hundreds of public and private pools built worldwide have given us the opportunity to develop a technology with a low environmental impact, extraordinary waterproofing characteristics, and high structural performance thanks to the patented Biodesign coating.

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Simple to Build and Not Invasive

The use of the Biodesign technology means reducing installation times and eliminating the inconveniences of complex construction. A team of three workers is capable of completing a 645 sq. ft. pool, complete with equipment, lighting, and “coping”, in ten working days, all without any need to stop work at any time. Compared to traditional pools, this is a huge time and money-saving benefit for the company, as well as reducing the inconveniences for the client.

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