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Installers! Watch for Local Biodesign Installer Events in your Area!

Dazzling in Davenport

The Biodesign USA team is coming to Davenport, Iowa May 14th to launch an in-depth info and training session on Biodesign pools, installation, marketing, and our unique national partnership program.

Hope Springs Eternal in Hot Springs Arkansas

The Biodesign USA team is coming to Hot Springs, Arkansas on March 26th to launch an in-depth info and training session on Biodesign pools, installation, marketing, and our unique national partnership program.

For Installers: Why is the Biodesign Pool a Great Opportunity?

Biodesign Pools are an innovative and completely unique product.

Nothing else exists like it in the US or Canadian Markets

Biodesign is not a traditional pool, but rather an extension of the house, incorporated into any backyard, increasing the value of the property.

Simple to Build


Biodesign technology allows you to keep the entire building process in-house. From building the structure to filling the pool, one crew can do it all, with no specific trades required i.e plaster crew, steel crew, shotcrete crew.

Concrete pools reduce margins all the way from production to distribution. Having to buy and rely on materials from middlemen and having to rely on specific trades required for the install, all take money out of your pocket!

biodesign pool in natural setting
A Natural Look
  • Biodesign technology is entirely made with natural stone granules. The size of the granules and application process allow you to see the stone (sand) and its shapes, unlike plaster.
  • Biodesign allows for the use of natural contours on the floors.
  • Boulders can be used inside the pool, without waterproofing issues.
  • Coping is no longer needed. Tile is no longer needed.
  • True beach entries can be created.
natural steps under water
Construction Ease
  • Biodesign technology is installed by a team of three or more people.
  • Biodesign does not need heavy vehicles or specific machinery.
  • Biodesign technology does not require specific skilled aspects of the construction process.
  • The Biodesign system is laid out in an easy step-by-step process, limiting the risk of error.
  • Biodesign does not require any structural calculations for large pool designs.
  • There are fewer inspections required for a Biodesign pool. Speeding up the construction process.
  • Where cement requires a detailed mix design or a coating to be waterproofed, Biodesign’s EPDM liner is always waterproof.

The Process

Click for building process slideshow:

Simple to Build and Not Invasive

The use of the Biodesign technology means reducing installation times and eliminating the inconveniences of complex construction. A team of three workers is capable of completing a 645 sq. ft. pool, complete with equipment, lighting, and “coping”, in ten working days, all without any need to stop work at any time. Compared to traditional pools, this is a huge time and money-saving benefit for the company, as well as reducing the inconveniences for the client.


Q: What is the difference between a Biodesign pool vs. a traditional pool?

A: A Biodesign pool can be a traditional swimming pool, a lifestyle pool, a lounge, or even a pond.

Typically Gunite pools are more expensive to permit. They are also taxed at a higher rate then any other pool.

Biodesign pools are treated as a vinyl pool or a pond, therefore costing the customer less to own and operate over time.



Biodesign USA is distributor of Biodesign Pools in the USA and Canada and we’re inviting independent pool companies to become certified regional installers.

With training, supplies, and hands-on guidance, we’re prepared to help you stand out among your competition with this incredibly unique product and service.

The partnership goes a step further with our marketing and sales assistance. Right now, we are offering partner installers a localized website, geared for the local area and optimized with local SEO to make your business really stand out from the competition.

  • Biodesign sales for the local area
  • Guided design and installation training
  • Propietary eco-friendly materials supply
  • Direct in-person site support when needed
  • Sales training and materials
  • Localized Biodesign website and full marketing and promotional support

Contact Us

We work with swimming pool companies all over the country. We’re always interested in speaking with people in our business. Even if you’re just a little curious, fill out the contact form below and we’ll give you a call. The Biodesign pool is a very unique product with many advantages for pool installers like us.

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Biodesign Evansville is a Certified Biodesign sculpted pool installer for the Evansville, Indiana area. Biodesign Evansville is a service of VIVID Landscape & Lighting LLC. Being a small family-owned business, brothers Nick and Matt Luckett wanted to focus on specializing in custom landscape venues while showcasing outdoor lighting. They’re very excited to bring the Biodesign sculpted pool to Southern Indiana. Learn more about Biodesign Evansville here…


Established in 1984 as one of the largest, family-owned premier brick paving companies, Interlocking Pavers, Inc. and Landscape Design continues to set the standards of excellence. Now in that very same spirit of innovation and quality, they have become certified installers of Biodesign beach sculpted pools. Learn more about Biodesign Western Suburbs…

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