Now planning 2024 Biodesign pool builds in New Jersey’s Shore Region

Biodesign Beachscape Lagoons of New Jersey is planning new builds for Spring 2024.

A Biodesign Beach Sculpted lagoon is crafted with beach entries, customized seating areas, and swimming zones – all personalized to your swimming needs. The Biodesign Beachscape Lagoon is meant to immerse you in your surrounding environment. The illusion of a truly beautiful beach can be created and extended onto the patio area, creating one seamless shore environment.

As the art of landscape design moves ever forward, so too has the in-ground pool. Today, homeowners can enjoy a much more natural environment that blends in with the landscape. Here, the natural harmony we create goes beyond aesthetics. Biodesign Beachscape Lagoons are environmentally friendly, quicker to build, and easier to maintain.

close up pool

A Biodesign Pool recently completed in Glen Cove, LI

Where some may find a built-in pool to be a  prohibitively large and expensive project, Biodesign beach-entry pool construction is actually less expensive, less destructive to your property, requires less time to build and is friendly to the environment, without using concrete or any toxic materials.

Many years of research and hundreds of public and private pools built worldwide have given us the opportunity to develop a technology with a low environmental impact, extraordinary waterproofing characteristics, and high structural performance thanks to the patented Biodesign coating.

Tests show that our waterproofing liners are superior to those used in traditional pools thanks to a 300% greater elasticity. Furthermore, they have a higher resistance against UV rays, ice, chemicals, and thus a longer life.

Installation: Less Time, Less Expensive

While a traditional built-in gunite pool can take 4 to 6 weeks to build, a similar 400-500 square foot Biodesign pool can take as little as 10 to 12 days to complete.

While a traditional built-in pool requires a massive movement of earth, plus even greater digging for structural assembly, the Biodesign pool requires far less digging and earth removal and back-fill.  Using only a small back-hoe, the shape of your pool can be made in as little as a day.  The ease of management of the construction site and the reduced installation time is a great improvement over traditional pools.

As a pool meant to blend in with the landscape, your design is limited only by our imagination. Make it a yours. Make it unique.

Environmentally Sound: Earth-Friendly Materials

BIODESIGN POOLS MAKE MORE EFFICIENT USE OF RESORCES (water, energy, raw materials) thus having a reduced impact on the environment for the entire life of the pool from production to installation to everyday use.

TOTAL ABSENCE OF CONCRETE: Concrete is not an environmentally friendly material, to make, use, or to dispose of. To gain the raw materials to make concrete, large amounts of energy and water must be used.

EPDM IS CHEMICALLY STABLE AND COMPLETELY INERT: EPDM does not contain polluting additives and heavy metals like concrete. EPDM does not release harmful substances in the environment. Old installations of EPDM can be burned for energy production (since it does not produce dioxins), disposed of in landfills or recycled for the production of new EPDM. EPDM is recommended by Greenpeace as an alternative to PVC plastic.

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