7 Simple Steps to a Naturally Sculpted Pool

Biodesign has patented a construction technology with excellent waterproofing properties as well as suberb structural integrity, achieved in 7 simple steps.

Step 1- Excavation: The shape of the pool is created during this step, as well as the formation of custom beaches, seating areas, and swimming areas, resulting in a unique and personalized pool environment.

Step2 – Geo-textile protective material: An initial layer of geo-textile material is placed over the excavation in order to protect the EDPM liner from potential damage caused by sharp objects.

Step 3 – Waterproof EPDM liner installation: An EPDM  (ethylene propylene diene monomer) waterproof liner is placed over the geo-textile sheet. Highly elastic, the EPDM liner conforms to any change in ground movement without damage.

Step 4 – Structural net placement: Place structural netting material over the EPDM liner

Step 5 – Structural Paving Rough Layer: Spread over the entire area by hand, a mixture of natural granulated quartz and non-toxic resin is applied. 

Step 6 – Secondary Structural net placement: A second structural net is placed over the structural paving rough layer

Step 7 – Final Layer Application: Granulated stone and non-toxic resins are blended and spread by hand over the surface. A final layer of resin is applied after a light sanding.

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